Commitment to the future

Transferring clean energy to the next generations

We at Grid Essence strongly believe that the future of this world rests on our initiatives to install sustainable practices in everything we do. Energy forms the core of it.

Our Mission is to become a global independent power producer (IPP) producing energy from 100% renewable energy sources (RES) with a target to operate up to 1 GW of projects producing energy from RES encompassing Solar, Wind and Hydro.

With a long standing experience in the renewable energy space, together with strong partners across the renewable energy supply chain spread all over the world, we deliver projects in the most efficient manner.

Facts at a Glance

  • 100% Renewable Energy portfolio with projects in stable countries such as the UK and Germany with further projects planned in Europe & MENA
  • 38.2 MW of Solar assets in operation in the UK
  • 21 MW of Solar projects under construction in the UK
  • +500 MW of Solar project pipeline within Europe and the MENA region