Energy for the Future


Grid Essence’s Vision is to be the world’s leading independent power supplier generating electricity from 100% renewable energy sources.


Our Mission is to own and operate up to 1,000 MW of renewable energy producing plants (solar, wind and hydro) by 2017, initially focusing on Solar Generation.
1000 MW in 5 years

Grid Essence mission is to reach a portfolio size of at least 1,000 MW within a period of 5 years. Grid Essence has fostered strategic relationships with international players that enable us realize this goal.

Low-risk & Diversified Portfolio

Our power portfolio strategy is designed to minimize risk and maximize shareholder returns. We intend doing this by operating a geographically and technically diversified portfolio of solar assets initially in low-risk European countries, before expanding to parts of the MENA region. Over time, we will add wind and hydro power projects to further diversify the portfolio.

Stable Returns

Our mission is to deliver stable returns over the long term in the form of quarterly dividends backed by cash flow producing real assets (renewable energy plants).


We at Grid Essence believe in sustainable practices in business. Our corporate values embody the three main principles that shape the future of Grid Essence.

Green & Sustainable Development

We have passion for a greener world with a focus on transferring clean energy to the next generations.


We focus on emerging renewable energy technologies and on developing cutting edge business practices.

Quality, Integrity & Accountability

We believe in doing the best quality business without compromising our values.