Strong Network of Partners

Business Partners

Grid Essence has built partnerships with top quality and highly experienced international partners across all stages of the renewable energy project life cycle. Together with this network of partners, Grid Essence is able to ensure the timely and efficient execution of its project portfolio.


Grid Essence has developed strong cooperation with local project developers in all the relevant markets. Grid Essence sources its projects from it's preferred suppliers but also from the pipelines of its management team, which has a strong network of project developers in the renewable energy sector.


Financing is one of the main strengths of Grid Essence. Grid Essence Management Team has strong financial markets background, and a proven track record in financing renewable energy projects.


Grid Essence has relationships with well known EPC providers with strong track record in the Solar PV sector. We engage noted EPC players in the renewable energy sector for constructing our projects. A long standing cooperation with our preferred list of EPC proviers ensures timely and efficient execution of the projects.


Grid Essence uses experienced O&M service providers with a strong local presence for the operation and maintenance of its power generating facilities. Our stringent selection criteria allows us to select contractors with solid track record in the operation and maintenance of renewable energy power plants.